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Gac fruit, Gac fruit juice blend and tea infusions
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Super Health Benefits For a Super You

In Southeast Asia, plant-based nutrients are an important part of the Asian diet. Learn more about the nutritional benefits of our Gac Fruit, Centella, and other signature fruits and botanicals.


Gac Fruit – The Power Of Beta-Carotene, Lycopene & Antioxidants

Traditionally known as “fruit from heaven”, Gac Fruit is believed to encourage longevity and well-being. More recently, scientists have discovered that Gac Aril contains some very powerful nutrients, like Lycopene and the Vitamin A precursor, Beta-Carotene.


A Southeast Asian Tradition of Health & Happiness

Madame Thai Huong, Chairwoman shares her line of juice blend & tea infusions in exotic flavors. Tangy and just mildly sweet, these beverages are packed with nutritional benefits.

The Story of Total Happiness Naturals


A Message From Madame Thai Huong, Chairwoman


I started Total Happiness Naturals to bring the healthful fruits and botanicals of Southeast Asia to the United States. In Southeast Asia, Gac Fruit also known as the “fruit from heaven” and Centella, the “fountain of youth” are two revitalizing foods that are part of our healthy, plant-based diet, yet are virtually unknown in America. Total Happiness Naturals is my opportunity to share these treasures with you. Utilizing the world’s most advanced technologies, we introduce some of Southeast Asia’s most valuable botanicals.

My passion for bringing health and well-being to others began when I chose to change the fact that there was no fresh milk available in my home of Hanoi, Vietnam. By establishing farms in the countryside on the outskirts of Hanoi, I am working to make fresh milk available to every child in Vietnam.

Our bodies will be good to us if we nourish them with the nutrients and vitamins that they crave. Gac Fruit can provide some of those vital nutrients, including antioxidants, Lycopene and Beta-Carotene. Centella cools down your inner heat. Whether you’re looking for protein power, energy, a vision boost, a relaxation or heart health support, Total Happiness Naturals’ beverages can provide you with those benefits in just a few sips. Here’s to good health, because I believe that leads to total happiness.


Enjoy and be happy,


Madame Thai Huong, Chairwoman

Our Beverages

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From a misty, foggy place comes a traditional drink that Inspires Clear Vision

From a misty, foggy place comes a traditional drink that Inspires Clear Vision

The Benefits

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Total Happiness Naturals

After 4,000 years, we’ve perfected the art of revitalization. We’re ready to share it with you.



Vision Boost

Packed with nutrients and antioxidants, our Vision Boost is powerful, healthy, and tangy sweet. Go ahead. Drink it and you’ll see.


Gac Fruit

The Gac Fruit, or Red Melon has been called the “fruit from heaven” in Asia for centuries because it is believed to encourage longevity and well-being.


Power Boost

Our blend of vegan proteins, antioxidant-rich juices and green coffee extract is that nutritious snack that satisfies, with amino acids, vitamins and fiber.



Known as the “fountain of youth” herb, this botanical has a long history in promoting relaxation, improving memory and aiding meditation.


Energy Boost

When you’re looking for something natural to keep you moving, let the power of passion fruit, Gac Fruit and green tea go to work for you.


Heart Healthy Boost

Our blend of Gac Fruit, persimmon fruit and persimmon tea can do a lot of good. One sip and you’ve got just what your heart (and your taste buds) desire.



Blended with refreshing mint and crisp citrus, it’s like a veritable splash of bright, fresh flavor that will cool you down, through and through.

From a land of peace and tranquility comes a gift of balanced, All Natural Energy.

From a land of peace and tranquility comes a gift of balanced, All Natural Energy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Gac fruit cultivated?

To date Gac fruit is not sold in U.S. grocery stores. This fruit is indigenous to Southeast Asian countries, where it is called “fruit from heaven.” In the countryside many families have Gac fruit growing in their backyards. Plantations for Gac fruit are cultivated in Vietnam, Thailand and even Australia.

How is Total Happiness Naturals tea infused?

Our tea infusions are brewed fresh in small batches just like you brew your tea at home. Fair-trade tea leaves are infused with hot water to steep out all of the healthy compounds, like antioxidants, tannins and flavonoids. These natural infusions in addition to pure tropical juices are the basis of our drinks, which gives them a rich, delicious taste and makes them so healthy.

There are concerns about energy drinks. Is the Total Happiness Natural Energy drink safe?

Yes, our natural energy drink can be consumed without concern. Total Happiness Natural Energy contains a balanced mixture of natural caffeine and theanine, both from green tea. Studies have shown that the combination of caffeine and theanine helps prevent increased heart rate and blood pressure, which are the unwanted side effects of high caffeine consumption. This is the jittery feeling after you’ve had too much coffee. The theanine helps you to stay alert, focused and clear-minded. 

How can Total Happiness Naturals Vision drink support eye health?

Total Happiness Naturals Vision contains 50% RDI of ß-carotene (Provitamin A). This goes directly to your eyes and is transformed into the eye pigment rhodopsin. Rhodopsin is dissipated during the process of vision, so it has to be constantly replenished. Therefore, we have to provide the body enough ß-carotene or Vitamin A every day. At the same time, the antioxidants ß-carotene and the blue dye from blackberry and hibiscus (anthocyanins) help shield the eye tissue from oxidative damage. Light (especially UV light and the energy rich blue light from computer screens) is known to cause oxidative damage to the eye tissue.

I have high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. Can Total Happiness Naturals Heart help me to become healthier?

Total Happiness Naturals is not a drug and cannot cure any diseases. If you suffer from high blood pressure and high cholesterol, please consult your physician and seek the appropriate therapy. However, it is more and more recognized in medicinal science, that good nutrition plays an important role in prevention. Total Happiness Naturals Heart contains freshly brewed persimmon tea, which has been traditionally used in Southeast Asia to promote heart health. Also, Total Happiness Naturals Heart has a good source of soluble fiber, which is approved by the FDA to support a healthy heart.

How does Total Happiness Naturals Centella cool the body?

Centella is traditionally used in Asian countries to cool down the body, which has different meanings in the Asian tradition: Cooling on the physical level implies detoxification as well as antioxidative and anti-inflammatory effects. On the mental level, cooling implies relaxation and mood-enhancement. All of these effects are thought to improve health, well-being and enhance longevity. This is why Centella is such a popular traditional drink in Asian countries.

Should I drink Total Happiness Naturals if I am on a vegan diet?

Yes, you can. Total Happiness Naturals does not contain any animal derived ingredients. Even the protein in our Total Happiness Naturals Power drink is vegan.

Where is Total Happiness Naturals produced?

Total Happiness Naturals is brewed and bottled in Northern California.

How long does the product last once it has been opened?

You may store refrigerated for 2-3 days after opening.

What is Beta-Carotene?

ß-carotene is a precursor of Vitamin A, which means that our body converts it into Vitamin A. Basically, it is “plant-derived” Vitamin A. Vitamin A has many functions, such as support of vision, immune function, bone health and healthy skin.

Are your bottles BPA free?

Total Happiness Naturals is packaged in glass bottles for several reasons: because glass is BPA free, they can be recycled and they keep our product tasty and natural.

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